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Please note that there are contraindications (elements which may inhibit the ability to perform treatments) to waxing such as:

Some current medication (prescribed, over-the-counter or supplements)

Recent scar tissue, cuts, bruises or other abrasions to area being waxed

Skin disorders or infections (e.g. eczema, psoriasis, ringworm, etc)

Sunburn or heat allergies

Hypersensitive or highly reactive skin

Use of Roaccutane or other acne products within the last 6 months

Current use of AHA or BHA products (e.g. glycolic or salicylic acid, etc)

Use of steroid creams or steroid medication in the last 3 months

Varicose veins or capillary damage in treatment area


Heart conditions & high or low blood pressure


Oedema or other swelling in treatment area

Nerve damage or increased / decreased sensitivity in the skin


Allergies or intolerances (e.g. to lanolin, sticking plasters, latex gloves, nuts, etc)

Conditions or medical treatment causing immune-suppression

Previous reactions to waxing

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