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Eyecare including eyelash tinting


Lash tint $18
Brow tint $12
Eyebrow sculpture $15
Eye perfection treatment $30
Please note: To ensure your comfort and safety a patch test must be carried out at least 24 hours prior to tinting treatments on all new clients. You will be required to remove your contact lenses prior to the treatment

Contraindications to eyelash tinting & brow tinting

Any history of sensitivity or allergy to eye makeup

Any infectious skin conditions

Conjunctivitis & Styes

Eczema in the brow or lash hairs

Red, sore eyelids

Sunburn or windburn

Skin irritation

Cuts and abrasions

Psoriasis in the eye area

Aftercare advice for eyelash tinting

Avoid eye make up for 8 hours

Avoid perfumed products

Avoid sun and UV treatments as these will fade the tint

Irritation or swelling seek medical advise asap

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